Callbreak Quick

Callbreak Quick


Type: Table and CardPublish

Time: 2022

Callbreak Quick
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The JILI Callbreak game is a poker game with a twist. It combines skill, wisdom and luck in one exciting card game. In this simple version of a battle of calculation, wisdom and luck, you’re no longer bound by time. If you are ready to play at any time to determine the winner, you can play a game of poker with skill, wisdom and luck.

  • Game Rules:

1. There are four players in each game, using a deck of 52 cards (excluding jokers).

2. Each player is dealt 13 cards per game, one card per hand, 13 hands in total.

3. All players place their first bets to the minimum amount of the floor bet.

4. A player is randomly assigned to be the first dealer, who deals the cards counterclockwise in order.

5. Choose the number of bids.

6. The first dealer begins to deal.

7. Cards are dealt in counterclockwise order.

8. In each hand, according to the size of the cards played by each player, the player with the highest number of points on the face of the card will win a winning trick and the winner will be the dealer of the next hand.

9. At the end of 13 hands, each player’s score will be calculated according to the number of winning tricks and the number of bids.

10. The player with the highest score wins, and wins all the prize money after commission is deducted.


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